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  • Stephany

How I created our nursery without breaking the bank

Updated: May 21, 2019

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When it comes to design and decor I tend to just throw things together. I'm not one to write it all out. I see something I like and I work around that one piece or pieces. I use certain items I love as inspiration and build from there. Sometimes my method works out beautifully, and other times I have to tweak things ALOT. I really should invest in some kind of program that allows you to map everything out first!

For Lu's Nursery, I started with the furniture and the rug. I found a crib I really liked and envisioned the dresser I wanted to go with it. That dresser was about $900 so I had to come up with a cheaper solution. Instead of purchasing that dresser Lu's daddy built a replica. Much cheaper and made with love.

The curtains were a Target purchase and I LOVE them. They are Opal House brand and really fit the room nicely. The shelf and storage baskets were a TJ MAXX and Homegoods snag. The rug is so fun and vibrant and I paid less than $100 for it! (Rugs USA)

I also knew I wanted a beautiful quote above her crib with some greenery. I purchased the print on Etsy for $5 and got a frame from Walmart for $20. The garland was a Hobby Lobby purchase along with the fake Fig Tree. I waited for a promotion on the fake plants, combined it with a store coupon and snagged that Tree for $50.

Original nursery layout

I am constantly making small adjustments and rearranging things in here! I've added some plants and succulents as well. Changing it up makes the space seem new and fresh without having to purchase new items.

The key to keeping our cost low for me, was to find the best deals I could. Search for sales and coupons FIRST. Resort to manual labor and use bargain stores like TJ MAXX, Amazon, and Hobby Lobby. I did a lot of searching at thrift stores as well! If that failed, I would resort to buying retail.

I hope you enjoyed touring Lu's nursery!


Stephany & Lu