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  • Stephany

Life as we know it, postpartum.

Welcome to motherhood!

Life just got a plot twist. The best kind of plot twist, but a twist non the less. You have to brace yourself for the plethora of change that is about to unleash itself. Maybe you’re a bonified superhero and this process has been piece of cake, if so, I envy you woman.

As for the rest of us, we can confirm hell exists. It’s called labor, delivery & postpartum. Your body has just withstood the single most miraculous change known to man. Your hormones are like little demons controlling your every move. One second you feel elated with joy, the next you want to scream your lung out. You simply do not feel like yourself, and honestly who can blame you? Your body has become a milk factory leaving you depleted on the daily. Your emotions are taking you on a roller coaster ride and you don’t even like roller coasters. Or maybe you do, but just not this kind.

Your partner could be Ghandi, yet there’s still a long running list of things they could be doing better. After all, they didn’t have to withstand all you’ve withstood. Will things ever get better? Where do you even begin? How do you ensure you are taking care of YOU when everything revolves around the tiny human you’ve just welcomed into the world? These are all valid questions that you’ve most likely mulled over in your head.

The simple answer is YES. Yes things will get better. They will get back to normal, but not the normal you once knew. Life has transformed, and therefor normal will be a bit different than it was in the past.

For now, embrace the waves of change. Nothing will ever compare to the journey of motherhood. It’s so epically amazing intertwined with this chaotic melody. Your best is all you CAN do. Let that be enough.

When your little one’s grown, all that will matter is how deeply they were loved. How happy their home was, and how supportive their parents were. Let the chaos continue because lord knows that it will. Don’t worry about the mess, lack of togetherness in your appearance, or the clothes that still don’t fit. Ignore the critics and unsolicited advice. Rise each day with a grateful heart and trust the process.


Stephany & Lu

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